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Peruvian Street Food in Cusco, part I

November 14th, 2011
Posted by Rolf Stanley

Street Food Cusco Peru

Fast food chains such as McDonalds, KFC and Bembos are becoming dominant in the central square of Cusco, popular among tourists and locals alike, serving nearly 24 hours per day (generally they close only between 4am and 7am). Small local businesses can’t compete and are moving further and further away from the tourist focal point, the Plaza de Armas, making a quick snack not only much more expensive, but more importantly damn dull. Peruvian fast food may not exist as you know it from home, but their Street Food is extremely varied, tasty and my god it’s cheap. Without giving you some nasty runs, 3 soles will get you a whole range of food as long as you’re willing to try something a little different to what you know.
The variety is so big that I will only go into typical street food available in Cusco. This post focuses on…

Bricheros: Cultural Ambassadors for Peru

October 19th, 2011
Posted by Rolf Stanley

Bricheros Cultural Ambassadors to Peru

By Mark Smith (from

“Hola Huaquero” (*)

“Hola Brichero

“You’ve come to steal our treasures”

“Our treasure comes to be stolen by you”.

It was a familiar greeting when I worked on the Inca Trail. I had a Peruvian girlfriend and the local guides with who I worked, well they had many girlfriends.

A bridge cannot be built from one side alone. While much is made of young girls hoping to find the one who takes them to a distant land, they would still be stood on the near side of the riverbank if there were no counterpart looking for passion and cinnamon skin. And Latin Lotharios would return solo at night, if there were no fair skinned females looking for amor amidst the sounds of salsa. So before we chide, before we judge, let us remember to tango takes two and be it a night of fun or a lifetime of……

The Definitive Guide to Dirty Burgers

October 17th, 2011
Posted by Rolf Stanley

Dirty Burger

by ND and Zara (Thanks guys!)

So you are finally done partying and it’s almost time for the sun to come up, but you feel your journey is not complete without something to eat? Worry not, the dirty burgers are here to save you. As you stumble upon the clumsy cobble stone streets looking for any familiar sight of your way back, we are here to enlighten your trip by pointing out just the right place to please your last bodily need: hunger.

The secret to locating the dirty burger stand is that it is only possible to find them when they are open, at night. If you try, now in your more sober stand, to find the place that satisfied your taste buds a couple of hours ago, you would think you would have gone mad from what you had the night before. But in earnest, on this occassion, you…

Learning Spanglish

October 12th, 2011
Posted by Jo Goodman

San Blas Spanish School

I came to South America on a whim (insert after booking flight after drinking 2 bottles of Rioja) and now, 3 years later I am still here, based in Cusco and desperately trying to master the language.  I am just about getting by after numerous Spanish lessons and dating a stubborn Peruvian who, despite speaking English will only speak to me in Spanish.

So short of dating a Peruvian, how do you learn Spanish in Cusco?

1. Read up and just get stuck in!
I found fear of embarrassing myself the biggest obstacle to speaking Spanish.  You probably know more Spanish than you think but embarrassment stops it all coming out!!  Just get stuck in.  Getting drunk first helps!!  I still now get confused between penis and comb in Spanish, a painful mistake to make!  (look it up!!)

2. Take some good Spanish lessons!
Obvious but true.  I used San Blas Spanish School who…

The Battle for Cusco’s Nightlife

October 11th, 2011
Posted by Rolf Stanley

Bar Dancing in Mythology

Nightclubs, discos, bars and cultural centers such as Ukukus are being shut down across the historical centre of Cusco after the local mayor, Luis Arturo Flores Garcia decided that the noise, alcohol and associated nightlife of drugs has no place in the Incan capital.
Cusco has been known for years for its nightlife, seven days per week, from sunset to sunrise as the many and varied entertainment establishments in the beautiful historic center flick on the switch for a guaranteed night of party and fun. However, the days of Cusco as we know seem to be numbered. The mayor has recently signed a bylaw (Ordenanza Municipal number 028-2011-MPC) which promises to practically shut down the nightlife within the historic center.
The new bylaw states that the businesses must apply for a new license issued by the INC, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, to continue working, a license that will never be…



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